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  • Brusho Crystal Colour Turquoise 15g pot

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    Brusho Crystal Colour Turquoise 15g pot

    Brusho Crystal Colours are unique, transparent, highly pigmented watercolour ink powders.
    Totally intermixable, Brusho Crystal Colour can be used for a wide range of projects from craft and scrapbooking to watercolour design work and wood staining.
    Brusho Crystal Colours can be mixed with acrylic mediums and are ideal for use in silk paper making. Outstanding decorative effects can be achieved when using Brusho Crystal Colours, sprinkling onto wet paper for example, creates an explosion of colour.
    Brusho Crystal Colours can be used on fabrics e.g decorative wall hangings, although NOT fixable.
    A great product to experiment with in your craft, art and design work. Fun and vibrant results, Brusho Crystal Colours continue to grow in popularity amongst artists!

    Brusho Crystal Colours are Non-Toxic, Wheat and Gluten free, VOC and Oil free. Acid Free.
    Manufactured in the UK. 

  • Cosmic Shimmer Glitterbitz Turquoise

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    Cosmic Shimmer Glitterbitz Turquoise

    Part Number: CSGBTURQ

  • Izink Pigment - Turqoise

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    Izink Pigment - Turqoise

    Ref: 19113

    Size: 5 x 5 cm

  • Powercolor Turquoise 40mL Powertex

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    New product

    Powercolor is a colour pigment that can be used in different ways with Powertex products. Powercolor can be mixed with Powertex transparent to make coloured Powertex of your choice. Powercolor can also be used in combination with Easy Varnish to paint and dry-brush your artwork. Different colours of Powercolor can be mixed together to make new pigment colours.

    (Powertex products. Free carriage over £30)


  • Turquoise Imagination specialist crushed metal flake semi-translucent Starlight Paint.

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    Imagination specialist crushed metal flake semi-translucent Starlight Paint. 

    Colours can be used on their own or blended with other colours to create depth and highlights.  Each colour is threaded with a contrasting colour so that when the paint catches the light the colours twinkle and flash together. 

    The paint has a soft creamy texture which makes is suitable for brushing and rolling and is quick drying, allowing for a 2 or 3 layer application to truly appreciate the resulting unique tonal hues.

    50 ml Bottles 

  • Turquoise Paint

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    Turquoise Paint

    kaiser,paint,acrylic 75ml


  • Turquoise Sparkle Medium

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    Turquoise Sparkle Medium

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