Brea Reese 3 Piece Alcohol Ink Set: Medium Magenta Orange Turquoise

Brea Reese Alcohol Ink is a multi-surface ink which is great for non-porous surfaces. Apply the inks directly to the surfaces from the bottle. The alcohol ink can be used on all smooth, non-porous surfaces, waterproof paper, metal, glass or plastic. Mix the different colours to create unique colour blends. Layer colours together or use the Blending Solution (36660) to dilute with. It is important to use on a non-porous surface try using the Brea Reese Waterproof Panel (35879), (35451) or Waterproof Paper (35455). Experiment using different techniques such as using an ink dauber, a foam roller, spraying with a mister, using with masking fluid or painting with a paintbrush. This 3-pack set is ideal for beginners and experts alike, with colours that have been designed and tested to work well together. Take care when using Alcohol ink as they can be harmful and are flammable. Bottle size 20 ml. 3 Piece Alcohol Ink Set: Medium Magenta, Orange, Turquoise.

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