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  • Casablanca Lilies Aperture Clarity Fresh Cut Dies

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    Casablanca Lilies Aperture

    Clarity Fresh Cut Dies




  • White Rusty Patina - RP-06 Imagination Crafts

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    Rusty Patina is a revolutionary new product that can be used on most surfaces. Rusty Patina does what it says and adds a beautiful, textural, distressed, vintage feel and look to card, MDF, Journals, Glass Bottles Clay, Frames and hundreds of different surfaces.

    Rusty Patina can be applied with a brush, sponge or pallet knife and can be spread, stippled and sponged to add a real, texture of Verdigris and Rust to surfaces.

    The Patina is water based with tiny gritty particles that mimic an aged, peeling surface that is unique and delicate at the same time.

    It can be applied as a base and enhanced with Imagination Alchemy Wax or highlighted with Starlight paint or left as a flat, matt, aged finish. To use for outside garden ornaments, finish over with a good quality UV proof varnish.

    Contains: 150 mls

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