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  • Antique Pink Crackle Paste Calambour

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    Antique Pink Crackle Paste

    3DK 004

    Acrylic paste to affect cracking

    for a better adhesion we recomend using acrylic primer binder GLU2.

    Its possible to increase or decrease the size of the cracks by increasing or decreasing the thickness of the product applied.

    We use the final protective varnish VAR4 to fix it

  • Antique Pink Imagination specialist crushed metal flake semi-translucent Starlight Paint.

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    Imagination specialist crushed metal flake semi-translucent Starlight Paint. 

    Colours can be used on their own or blended with other colours to create depth and highlights.  Each colour is threaded with a contrasting colour so that when the paint catches the light the colours twinkle and flash together. 

    The paint has a soft creamy texture which makes is suitable for brushing and rolling and is quick drying, allowing for a 2 or 3 layer application to truly appreciate the resulting unique tonal hues.

    50 ml Bottles 

  • Antique Pink Textile Starlight

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    Starlight Textile Paints have been especially developed for use on any fabric or fabric coated surfaces.  They can be applied with a brush, roller or sponge and applied freehand or through stencils.  Starlight Textile Paints give a beautiful, soft shimmering finish and should be ironed to fix the colour. Washable up to 40 degrees.

  • Imagination Crafts Sparkle Medium Antique Pink

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    If you want to really make your stencilling rock Sparkle Medium is the perfect answer. This amazing clear gel which is absolutely jam packed with sparkle will give you beautiful, glittering stencilled images.

    Attach your stencil to cardstock using low tack stencil tape (try doing it on smooth glitter card you will love the results). Using a Spatula, gently spread a thin layer of Sparkle Medium over the stencil. Always remember to put any paste you have left back in the jar, so none is wasted.

    Immediately, gently peel the stencil away from the cardstock, don't leave the stencil on the cardstock while the gel is drying or you won't be able to remove it later. Sparkle takes about 1/2 hour to dry on cardstock and about 1 hour on Acetate.

    50ml Pots

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