Merry Christmas Profile Die Set

SKU: JHD-CUT-1035/1036

JHD0-CUT-1035  Merry Profile Die Set

Comprising: 2 dies

Size: 90 x 7230mm/3.5 x 1.25”

RRP £7.99

JHD-CUT-01036 Christmas Profile Die Set

Comprising: 2 dies

Size: 125 x 40mm/5 x 1.5”

RRP £8.99

JHD-CUT-1035/1036 dies are sold as a pair with a total RRP £16.98.

price for this pair of dies gives a saving  of £1.98 on RRP.

Merry Christmas Profile Die Set, comprising of 4 dies: Merry and the outline shadow die, Christmas with the outline shadow die.

Dies are made from good quality carbon silver steel and cut like a dream.  They can be used with all standard die cutting machines, both manual or electronic.

£16.98 £15.00

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