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Last Orders Majestix stamp set with 10 stamps Cardio

Last Orders Majestix stamp set with 10 stamps including 4 beer Bottles, A Glass Tankard, a Bottle Opener and 4 Leaves and Hops stamps.

The Largest Stamp in this set will fit onto a small block.
Stamp the Real-Ale Bottle in Bark and touch with Pinecone randomly on one side before stamping to create some shadow on your stamped Bottle image. (Stamp all of your bottles this way.)
Stamp the tall plain bottle in Cocoa with Pinecone, the stubby Craft Ale Bottle in Umber with Pinecone and the small Bottle in Bamboo.
Stamp the Tankard using Archival black inkpad and the Bottle opener in Silver.
Fill in with the Hops and Leaves in Bamboo, Umber and Pinecone.
Cover the Bottles or Tankard with Glossy Accents for a fabulous shiny 3-D effect.

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