13 Arts MAGIC! Powder

Jar size: 100ml

Designers Edition by Olga Heldwein

13 Arts MAGIC! Powder.

Magic! Powder is an organic ingredient that will turn any medium into a nice smooth texture paste.

You can mix it with waterbased paints, inks or any kind of hybrid or acrylic paint and mediums. Add a little bit of this powder, mix it and you'll have a perfect paste to use, even with the most intricate stencils. It's a matte product, so every paste you create with it will be matte.

How to use: Add a little bit of powder to your paint or other medium in separate container. Mix it well with a spatula until you can not see any white particles - the more powder you add, the thicker consistency you get. If you add a large amount of powder you will get really heavy paste that will crack while drying.

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