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  • Barbed Wire (Set of 2)

    £10.99 £8.80
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    Cheery Lynn Designs Dies - Barbed Wire (Set of 2)

    Ref: B405

    Size: 7 1/2” x 1” (191mm x 25mm)
    Whether your theme is Country, Hard Rock, or Steampunk, these amazingly detailed barbed wire strands are sure winners. Great for any gender of card themes and scrapbook pages.

  • Love

    £8.99 £7.20
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    Expressions Collection Love

    size 7.9cm x 6.5cm

  • Aqua Watercolour Video Tutorial

    £14.99 £4.99
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    Crafters Companion Spectrum Aqua Watercolour Video Tutorial CD-ROM

    Code: CD-S-AQUA

    • This series of easy-to-follow tutorials
    • Bringing a whole new dimension to your colouring.
    • Many different tutorials on this CD-ROM
    • This CD-ROM gets you started with the basics
    • Pre-order due to be dispatched from end of January

    Learn how to get the best from your Spectrum Aqua Markers with this series of easy-to-follow tutorials. Starting with the basics, you’ll soon be creating beautiful water-colour style blends and stunning background effects, bringing a whole new dimension to your colouring.

    Tutorials on this CD-ROM:
    An introduction to the markers' basic features and attributes.

    Basic tips and techniques with advice on which paper to use and how to add detail with the fine nib.

    Learn how to mix, blend and endlessly extend your colour range by applying Spectrum Aqua from a palette.

    Using Spectrum Aqua's subtle blending qualities to create beautiful water-colour style Bokeh effects.

    How to use Spectrum Aqua wet-on-wet with a white embossed outline image.

    The water-based dyed in Spectrum Aqua Markers apply smoothly and clean away easily - perfect for applying direct to stamp. Find out how.

    pen , aqua , rom , cd
  • Basic Frames Set A

    £14.50 £11.60
    How many units?

    Basic Frames (Set A) Dies Californian Collection

    This set was intended as the prefect sized mat layer for the California Collection die sets, but is also easily used as a shape on its own. Size: 1.6 x 2.1cm & 10.3 x 12.7cm

  • Blossoming Branch

    £9.99 £7.99
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    Finishing Touches Collection Blossoming Branch

  • Camellia Trellis

    £4.99 £3.99
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    Camellia Trellis Pre Cut Stamp

    Part Number: UMS587

    Approx size 55mm x 65mm

  • Corner, Border & Tags Austrian Collection

    £14.00 £11.20
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    Austrian Collection Corner, Border & Tags Die

    The corner and tag are the perfect accompaniment to any card or project, making this set a real must have in your crafting arsenal. The border can also be used in a variety of ways, giving a completely different look each time! Size: 5.5 x 5.5cm (Corner), 4 x 20.4cm (Border) & 5 x 8.6cm (Tag)

  • Decorative Frames Set B

    £18.50 £13.40
    How many units?

    Decorative Frames (Set B) Dies Californian Collection

    This set was designed as a more decorative matting layer for set A as well as to be interchangeable with the cutting edges within the individual California Collection die sets. If used with any of those sets, it will not only give a pretty edge, but will also create a larger embossed area on your die cuts, which is incredibly pretty. Size: 2.4 x 3 & 12.3 x 14.8cm

  • Encrusted Jewel Kit Pink

    £11.65 £7.99
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    Encrusted Jewel Kit Pink

  • Festive Collection Illuminated Christmas Tree

    £13.99 £11.20
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    Festive Collection Illuminated Christmas Tree

    Simple understated beauty. This tree is stunning in its detail and is accompanied by a debossed die which gives the rays from the star on top for a unique look. Size: 10.4 x 8cm

  • Festive Collection Sentimental Bauble

    £17.99 £12.60
    How many ?

    Festive Collection Sentimental Bauble

    Gorgeous delicate lines on a classic bauble shape, in two sizes to fit all your card making needs. This set comes with matching bead caps and a filigree corner hanger that fits both sizes. Largest Bauble measures 10.1 x 7.3cm

  • Fine Finials

    £4.99 £3.99
    How many ?

    Fine Finials Pre Cut Stamps

    Part Number: UMS564

    Appros size- 100mm x 120mm

  • Floral Brocade Folder

    £11.99 £9.00
    How many ?

    Floral Brocade PinPoint Embossing Folder

    Part Number: EFPP-001

  • Floral Cartouche

    £6.99 £5.60
    How many ?

    Floral Cartouche Pre Cut Stamp

    Part Number: UMS553

    Approx size- 145mm x 95mm

  • Floral Flourish Oval

    £4.99 £3.99
    How many ?

    Floral Flourish Set 2 Pre Cut Stamps


    UMS 558

    Approx size- 28mm x 65mm each


  • French Collection Background Die

    £15.99 £12.80
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    French Collection Background Die


    The Background Die has a matching pattern to the "Burgundy" die and features a beautiful and intricate pattern to its design. Perfect for both cutting and embossing projects, it is sure to provide the oohs and aahs from anyone admiring your crafting projects. Size: 11 x 16cm

  • French Collection Burgundy

    £11.99 £9.60
    How many ?

    French Collection Burgundy

    Burgundy is the most detailed in this collection with intricate designs in both of the decorative inserts. Perfect for those projects where you want a statement piece for your focal point. Size 8.6 x 10.6cm

  • Gold Rush

    £4.99 £3.99
    How many ?

    Gold Rush Pre Cut Stamp

    Part Number: UMS560

    Approx size- 100mm x 120mm

  • Henna Floral Corner

    £4.99 £3.99
    How many ?

    Henna Floral Corner Pre Cut Stamp

    Part Number: UMS063

    Approx size- 65mm x 65mm

  • Henna Petals

    £4.99 £3.99
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    Henna Petals Pre Cut Stamp

    Part Number: UMS066

    Approx size- 85mm diameter

  • Hollywood

    £13.50 £10.80
    How many units?

    Hollywood Dies Californian Collection

    For use as a standalone die set or can be mixed and matched with the other die sets in the California Collection to create more unique looks, it has a lovely filigree appearance. The centre die has been left more open for sentiments and other types of stamps. Size: 4 x 4.7cm & 10.4 x 12.2cm

  • Honey Flower

    £4.99 £3.99
    How many ?

    Honey Flower Pre Cut Stamp

    Part Number: UMS585

    Approx size- 70mm x 63mm

  • Interchangeable Folder Flourish Border

    £19.99 £14.99
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    Tattered Lace Interchangeable Embossing Folders mean for the first time ever you can interchange the a range of embossing frames into any of the embossing folders creating a multitude of options. Ideal for cards, scrapbooks and other paper craft projects, this embossing folder will create the perfect pattern for you.

    These embossing folder designs measure approx:

    • Design: 12.5cm x 17.5cm
    • Sentiment: 7.3cm x 4.3cm

  • Labyrinth

    £11.99 £9.60
    How many ?

    Diagonals Collection Labyrinth

    The Labyrinth Die set has been designed to go diagonally in the same direction as the Love Hearts Die from the same collection. It has a gorgeous lattice design that just begs for pearls at each intersection. The matching border has a sweet teardrop design to it. Size: 17 x 4.1cm.

    Part Number: CED5602

  • Lavish Swirls

    £11.99 £9.60
    How many ?

    Diagonals Collection Lavish Swirls

  • Love Hearts

    £10.20 £8.20
    How many ?

    Diagonals Collection Love Hearts

  • Merry Christmas Card

    £19.99 £16.99
    How many ?

    Cheery Lynn Designs Dies - Merry Christmas Card

    Ref: FRM146

    Size: 4 1/4" X 5 1/2" (107mm x 139mm)

  • Napa Valley

    £14.50 £11.50
    How many units?

    Napa Valley Dies Californian Collection

    For use as a standalone die set or can be mixed and matched with the other sets in the California Collection to create more unique looks, it is a bolder design and is suitable for both male and female orientated craft projects. Size: 3.8 x 4.7cm & 10.4 x 12.2

  • Pacific Lace

    £4.99 £3.99
    How many ?

    Pacific Lace Pre Cut Stamp

    Part Number: UMS562

    Approx size- 100mm x 120mm

  • Quilted Blocks

    £11.99 £9.60
    How many ?

    Striplets Collection Quilted Blocks

    The Quilt Block Striplet Die has been designed in three sections, with the first and third sections matching. The three sections within the set are perfect for using unique techniques in your card making projects, such as quilting. Each section can be cut used separately by simply cutting them apart to make 2" squares. Size: 15.8 x 5.6cm.

    Part Number: CED1607

  • Regal

    £11.99 £9.60
    How many ?

    Striplets Collection Regal

  • Rhodes

    £12.99 £10.40
    How many ?

    Greek Island Collection Rhodes

    The inner shapes in the Rhodes Dies set are incredibly versatile, and can all be mixed and matched together to create really unique looks. The outer shapes of this Die set is quite at home with any sort of card of project that you choose to use. Beautiful fine detail is apparent throughout this set. Size: 7.9 x 11.8cm.

    Part Number: CED5103

  • Rose Frame

    £4.99 £3.99
    How many ?

    Rose Frame Pre Cut Stamp

    Part Number: UMS059

    Approx size- 90mm x 85mm

  • Royal Scandinavian Doily (Set of 2)

    £14.60 £12.40
    How many ?

    Cheery Lynn Designs Dies - Royal Scandinavian Doily (Set of 2)

    Ref: DL280


    4 1/8”X 4 1/8” (104mm x 104mm)

    2” X 2” (104mm x 104mm)

  • San Francisco Californian Collection

    £13.50 £10.80
    How many ?

    San Francisco Dies Californian Collection

    For use as a standalone die set or can be mixed and matched with the other sets in the California Collection to create more unique looks, this set has a real WOW factor to it. The centre die is gorgeous and works equally as well by itself or behind other dies. Size: 6.1 x 7.9cm & 10.4 x 12.2cm

  • St Lucia

    £12.99 £10.40
    How many ?

    Caribbean Island Collection St Lucia

    The St. Lucia Die set is beautiful with an organic feel to it. While the outer cutting edge is included for matting purposes, the larger decorative Die also features a cutting edge as it has so much detail contained within it, and what an aperture it leaves! Size: 8.5 x 11.7cm.

  • Swirling Surf

    £4.99 £3.99
    How many ?

    Swirling Surf Pre-Cut Stamp

    Part Number: UMS558

    Approx size- 75mm x 100mm

  • The Scandinavian Collection Corner, Border & Tag

    £14.99 £11.99
    How many ?

    Sue Wilson Die

    A unique double sided border designed so it can be used in half or in whole with a small inner corner that matches half of the design. The tag is beautifully detailed and will add interest to all your projects.

  • To Have & To Hold

    £4.99 £3.99
    How many ?

    To Have & To Hold Pre Cut Stamp

    Part Number: UMS058

    Approx size- 65mm x 110mm

  • Valencia

    £18.50 £11.90
    How many units?

    Valencia Dies Spanish Collection

    A geometrically based design, with enough detail to be interesting but also tame enough to work for those masculine projects. All three dies have matching detail, but can be mixed and matched with other sets for unique looks. Size: 4.9 x 9.8cm & 10.7 x 15.7cm

  • Vintage Music Folder

    £12.99 £10.40
    How many ?

    • Vintage Music Folder
    • Fabulous vintage style embossing folders
    • Perfect for all of your festive crafting projects

    Evoke the spirit of Christmas past with the Vintage Christmas collection! Featuring designs reminiscent of the Victorian era, this collection has everything you need to create a wealth of beautiful, traditional, festive papercraft projects for all ages to enjoy. From a quick and simple Christmas card to a heartfelt, elaborate gift set, Vintage Christmas will let you do it all!

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