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  • Aubergine

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  • Brusho Crystal Colour Purple 15g pot

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    Brusho Crystal Colour Purple 15g pot

    Brusho Crystal Colours are unique, transparent, highly pigmented watercolour ink powders.
    Totally intermixable, Brusho Crystal Colour can be used for a wide range of projects from craft and scrapbooking to watercolour design work and wood staining.
    Brusho Crystal Colours can be mixed with acrylic mediums and are ideal for use in silk paper making. Outstanding decorative effects can be achieved when using Brusho Crystal Colours, sprinkling onto wet paper for example, creates an explosion of colour.
    Brusho Crystal Colours can be used on fabrics e.g decorative wall hangings, although NOT fixable.
    A great product to experiment with in your craft, art and design work. Fun and vibrant results, Brusho Crystal Colours continue to grow in popularity amongst artists!

    Brusho Crystal Colours are Non-Toxic, Wheat and Gluten free, VOC and Oil free. Acid Free.
    Manufactured in the UK. 

  • Crystal Glitter - Purple Haze

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    Crystal Glitter - Purple Haze

    Crystal Glitter for emulsion paints

    A non toxic crystal glitter, simply mix with emulsion paint to provide a subtle glitter shimmer to walls and ceilings.  60 grams added to 1 litre of paint will provide, on average, a 1% (up to 5% when buffed) glitter coverage

    Crystal Glitter is supplied in 100g resealable pouches, one pouch is sufficient for up to 2.5 litres of emulsion paint (when buffed). Although for best results we suggest adding 60g per 1litre.


  • Imagination Cratfs Royal Purple Sparkle Medium

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    Royal Purple Sparkle Medium

  • Izink Pigment - Metal Purple

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    Izink Pigment - Metal Purple

    Ref: 19126

    Size: 5 x 5 cm

  • Liquid Buff-it Regal Purple

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    Buff-It glossy craft polish can be applied to almost any dry dust free absorbent surface like polystyrene, cardboard and wood.

    To use load a small quantity onto a dry sponge or soft cloth and polish with a gentle buffing action until the object has glossy finish.


  • Mix Media Spray Ink - Purple

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    Mix Media Spray Ink - Purple

  • Parchment Craft Starter Kit

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    Parchment Craft Starterkit
    The perfect start for the beginning Parchment crafter! With the contents of this starterkit you can have a go at parchment crafting straight away. The instructions and material included, will let you make a beautiful creation on parchment paper before you know it. The projects are simple white works, which allows you to learn the basic techniques of parchment craft. After finishing the seven patterns of this starter kit, you can use the tools that are included in the box to make many more projects. The starter kit contains: seven sheets of parchment paper A5 size,gel pen white, dorso crayon purple, an embossing tool small ball, a perforating tool 2-split, a perforating/embossing mat and an instruction booklet which includes seven patterns, step-by-step photos and work descriptions in six different languages.


  • Perfect Backgrounds Stamping Pad - Polka Dots

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    Product Code: PBSP105

    This pad will make life easy for stampers of all levels of experience, giving you wonderful ready-made backgrounds to create gorgeous projects in minutes! The papers are ideal for use in all your stamping projects including inking, glittering, embossing and much more.

    The Polka Dot designs in the pad are printed on a range of different colours including greens, blues, pinks and purples, ensuring suitability for many different projects. One side of the papers includes the polka dot pattern, whilst the other side is just the coloured background, so the pad is really versatile.


    • Brand: Hunkydory Crafts
    • Paper Weight: 135gsm
    • Size: 8" x 8"

  • Phill Martin CS Crackle Paste Regal Purple

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    Phill Martin CS Crackle Paste Regal Purple

    Part Number: CSPMCRPURP

    This is a one step (no mixing!) crackle paste that you can use in so many ways!
    Use through stencils
    Use direct onto card/canvas/greyboard, mdf and more with a spatula
    Use onto die cut flowers/butterflies etc (apply with your finger)

    As with any crackle paste, the thicker you apply it, the deeper and wider the cracks, (see sample photos of both)  which means, when used through any of my stencils, you will get a thin application that leaves really delicate, pretty crackle effects once dried,.. it's amazing!

    I love this product! It's now easier than ever to apply gorgeous texture to our projects!

  • Phill Martin CS Shimmer Shaker Deep Purple

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    Phill Martin CS Shimmer Shaker Deep Purple

    Part Number: CSPMSSPURP

  • Quiltlines Air & water Soluble Purple Pen

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    Quiltlines Air & water Soluble Purple Pen


    Air water Soluble Pens . These purple pens produce a line that will always disappear, whether with water or just fading in the air. The pen is available in purple and has two ends, fine and bold. The fine end will disappear quite rapidly, the bold end slightly longer, all based on the amount of humidity within your workroom.

    Remember to check regularly and over mark as necessary.

  • Two Tone A5 Coloured Parchment Paper - Purple x 20 Claritystamp Ltd Groovi

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    Our brand new Groovi®  Two Tone Coloured Parchment Paper is so fab!

    Colour-flooded on one side, so whitework is still really white, and comes in two shades!

       •  10 sheets of Purple, 10 sheets of Light Purple
       •  Dimensions:  148mm x 210mm
       •  Weight:  150gsm

    148mm x 210mm

  • Two Tone A5 Coloured Parchment Paper - Sample Pack x 20 Claritystamp Ltd Groovi

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    Our brand new Groovi®  Two Tone Coloured Parchment Paper is so fab!

    Colour-flooded on one side, so whitework is still really white, and comes in two shades!  

    • 2 sheets of Pink, 2 sheets of Light Pink
    • 2 sheets of Purple, 2 sheets of Light Purple
    • 2 sheets of Blue, 2 sheets of Light Blue
    • 2 sheets of Teal, 2 sheets of Light Teal
    • 2 sheets of Green, 2 sheets of Light Green
    • Dimensions:  148mm x 210mm
    • Weight:  150gsm

    148mm x 210mm

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