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  • Boroque Ovals

    £22.99 £16.10
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    Boroque Ovals


  • Fancy Oval Frames Studio 490

    £19.50 £12.50
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    Fancy Oval Frames

    Contains 2x frames, and 2x plain backs measuring approx 19.5cm x 14.5cm.  Plus 2x ovals.

  • Numbers Groovi Inset & Ovals & Tags Groovi® Baby Plate A6

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    Numbers Groovi® Inset & Ovals & Tags Groovi® Baby Plate A6


    The Groovi® Inset is designed to fit within the Groovi® Plate Mate (sold separately).

    Intricate and clever designs have been laser etched with precision into top quality acrylic plates, thereby allowing you to get in the groove with a specifically made-to-measure embossing tool, and effortlessly follow the design path through parchment.

    The end result is quick, crisp and clean.

    For best results from the Groovi® Inset, Plates and Plate Mate, use the 0.8mm - 1.3mm embossing tool.

       •  Groovi® Inset:  148mm x 148mm

       •  Groovi® Baby Plate:  104mm x 104mm

  • Sheena's Mountboard Ovals

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    Sheena's Mountboard Ovals

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