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  • Bister Natural Brown 40mL Powertex

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  • Paperdecoration Natural Powertex

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    Paperdecoration Natural


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    Dried and pressed mulberry wood that can be dipped in Powertex and stretched out for a special texture relief effect. Can be softened with a little water first if too sturdy.

    (Powertex products. Free carriage over £30)



  • Perfect Backgrounds Stamping Pad - Perfectly Natural

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    Product Code: PBSP101

    These all-new Perfect Background Stamping Pads really are an essential part of your “For the Love of Stamps” crafting.

    In three separate colour tones you are guaranteed a colour to match any make. This page is filled with 48 gorgeous double-sided pages of wonderful designs to get crafty with and stamp to your hearts content! The sheets are textured on one side and matte on the other so you can use either side.

    The wonderful textured effect of the designs give you a lovely background to work with, and are perfect if you want a stunning background in a fraction of the time, or don’t have the tools or experience to create these kind of backgrounds yourself!

    • Size: 8" x 8"

  • Shader Tool

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    Embossing Tool Shader 1,2 mm
    Embossing Tool Shader 1,0 Mm. The embossing tool shader 1,2 mm is perfect to create natural depth in your embossing work. While embossing a subtle shading from dark to light will appear, which makes thistool exceptionally suitable for creating shadow effects. In comparison with the embossing tools shader 0.8 mm and 1.0 mm, the embossing tool 1,2 mm is applied to create medium-sized shadows and depth effects.



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