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  • Flutterby Garden Majestix Stamp Set Cardio

    How many ?

    Flutterby Garden Majestix Stamp Set contains 6 Stamps; Large Solid Butterfly, Trio of Butterflies, Solid Top Butterfly, Open Butterfly, Trio of small flowers, Tiny Solid Butterfly.

    Stamping Guide as seen on the Packaging
    For more information See Hints and Tips for Majestix Stamping
    The Largest Stamp in the set fits onto a Large Acrylic Peg.
    Stamp the Large Solid Butterfly in Atlantic Ink. Use this stamp to form the basic shape for your design.
    Fill in with the remaining stamps: Stamp the Butterfly Trio in Hyacinth and then the Solid Top Butterfly in Boysenberry. Stamp the large open Butterfly in Grape.
    Finally, Stamp the tiny solid Butterfly in Grape.

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