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  • Festive Fir-cones Majestix Stamp Set Cardio

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    Festive Fir-cones Majestix Stamp Set Includes 7 Stamps; Large Fircone, Narrow Fircone, Holly, Fir BranchBow, tiny Pinsettia.

    Stamping Guide as seen on the Packaging
    The Largest Stamp in the set fits onto a Large Acrylic Peg.
    Stamp the Fir-cones in Pinecone Ink. Use this stamp to form the basic shape for your design.
    Fill in with the remaining stamps: Stamp the Holly in Evergreen Ink and then the Fir Branch in and the Bow in Pinecone.
    Finally, Stamp the tiny Poinsettia in Burgundy.

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