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  • Crafter's Companion Cut and Emboss Folder - Royal Trellis

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    Crafter's Companion Cut and Emboss Folder - Royal Trellis


    • These folders are 5" x 7" in size
    • Perfect to create beautiful crafty projects
    • Cut and emboss with just one pass!


    These 5" x 7" die cut and emboss folders are a fantastic new concept that allows you to cut and emboss a design with just one pass through your die-cutting machine!

    You can bring these beautiful designs to life in one easy step, using the carefully formulated plate combination below for your Gemini machine and create a beautiful project that really pops! The embossed detail is perfect for inking and colouring and you can use the cut out shapes to create a matt and layered effect or even add your own touch to the cut out area for a beautiful framed piece.


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