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  • Alchemy Wax - Copper Imagination Crafts

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    Alchemy Wax - Copper  

    Imagination Crafts

  • Buff-it Copper

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    Buff-it Copper

    Buff-It glossy craft polish can be applied to almost any dry dust free absorbent surface like polystyrene, cardboard and wood.

    To use load a small quantity onto a dry sponge or soft cloth and polish with a gentle buffing action until the object has glossy finish.

  • Colortricx Copper 40mL Powertex

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    Colortricx Copper 40mL


    New product

    Pearlescent pigments to give your artwork a metallic finish. Can be mixed with easy varnish for metallic paint or dry-brush techniques. Ideal for copper imitation finishes.

    (Powertex products. Free carriage over £30)


  • Cosmic Shimmer Glitterbitz Rose Copper

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    Cosmic Shimmer Glitterbitz Rose Copper

    Part Number: CSGBROSE

  • Cosmic Shimmer Rose Copper Polished Silk Glitter

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    Cosmic Shimmer Rose Copper Polished Silk Glitter

    Cosmic Shimmer Polished Silk Glitter is an ultra fine craft glitter that produces a silky smooth finish when applied to cardstock, chipboard and other surfaces. Polished Silk Glitter can be used with Creative Expressions Double-Sided Self Adhesive Sheets, Cosmic Shimmer Flake & Glitter Glue, Scotch Double-Sided Tape and Cosmic Shimmer Dries Clear Glue. Once applied, the Glitter can be over stamped using dye inks or Archival Ink Pads, also over stamped with Perfect Medium and heat embossed gently with Embossing Powders, decorated with alcohol based markers, used with embossing folders to create dazzling embossed designs and die cut. Each pot contains 10ml of Polished Silk Glitter.


    Part Number: CSPSGROSE

  • Crystal Glitter - Rose Gold

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    Crystal Glitter - Rose Gold

    Crystal Glitter for emulsion paints

    A non toxic crystal glitter, simply mix with emulsion paint to provide a subtle glitter shimmer to walls and ceilings.  60 grams added to 1 litre of paint will provide, on average, a 1% (up to 5% when buffed) glitter coverage

    Crystal Glitter is supplied in 100g resealable pouches, one pouch is sufficient for up to 2.5 litres of emulsion paint (when buffed). Although for best results we suggest adding 60g per 1litre.

  • Dark Copper Cracle Paste Calambour

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    Dark Copper Crackle Paste

    3DK 003

    Acrylic paste to affect cracking for a better adhesion we recomend using acrylic primer binder GLU2. Its possible to increase or decrease the size of the cracks by increasing or decreasing the thickness of the product applied. We use the final protective varnish VAR4 to fix it

  • Deco Foil 6" x 12" (15 x 30cm) x 5 Sheets per Tube - Copper

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    iCraft Deco Foil 6" x 12" (15 x 30cm) x 5 Sheets per Tube - Copper


    iCraft® DECO FOIL™ line is a fun and creative way to add vibrant color, brilliant shine and a metallic or satin finish to any project! Great for use on fabric, paper, wood and other porous surfaces!

    iCraft® DECO FOIL™ Liquid, White Foam and Hot Melt Transfer Adhesives are very durable and make it easy to apply foils to a variety of craft projects.


Features & Benefits:
    • 6 in x 12 in (15.2 cm x 30.5 cm)
    • (5) Sheets per tube - 3 Tube minimum
    • Acid Free
    • For use on paper, fabric or porous surfaces
    • Available in: solids, patterns & holographics
    • For use with: iCraft® DECO FOIL™ adhesives (liquid, foam and hot melt transfer adhesives)
    • Washable on fabrics

  • Embossing Crystals Accient Copper

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    Ultra Thick Embossing Crystals Accient Copper

    Cosmic Shimmer Precious Metals Collection includes both Lustre and Metallic finish powders. The Lustre Powders will give a different shimmering colour depending on the colour of cardstock or ink pad used. Excess mica powder can be removed from the stamped image using a soft cloth after heat setting. 100ml.

  • Embossing Glitter Copper Classic Honey Doo

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    Embossing Glitter Copper Classic  

    Honey Doo

    20ml pot

  • Mica Powder Copper Sweet Poppy

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    Sweet Poppy Stencil: Mica Powder Copper

    Mica Pearl Powder - Copper

    20ml pot

  • NEW Linen A4 Metallic Copper metallic cardstock with linen

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    NEW Linen A4 Metallic Copper Ref: CDEML003 Barcode: 8718715067660 6 sheets of metallic cardstock with linen structure, A4 size, 250 grams.

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