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  • Baby's Breath Flower Kit (Set of 3)

    £7.50 £6.40
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    Baby's Breath Flower Kit (Set of 3)

    Ref: B364

    Size: 2 1/4” x 1 1/4” (57mm x 32mm)

    Cheery Lynn Designs Dies



  • Cheery Lynn Designs Die Build a Flower Embellishment 2

    £19.50 £11.00
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    Cheery Lynn Designs Die Build a Flower Embellishment 2


    B188 is a fistful of 16 plus die cuts. Cut twenty Baby’s Breath flowers in one pass.

    More embellishments create more flowers.

    There are at least six traditional flowers that can be made from our #2 Petal and Embellishment plates.

    Size: 4 1/4″ X 5 1/8″
    (109mm X 129mm)

  • Flower Shaping Essentials

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    Flower Shaping Essentials makes it simple to create breathtaking paper flowers for your cards and crafting projects. Three interchangeable nibs make it super easy to create all the flowers your imagination desires. All the basic crafting essentials you need to get started creating gorgeous, handmade flowers for your next crafty project is contained in this kit.

    This Heartfelt Creations Flower Shaping Essentials kit is designed to work with all Heartfelt Creations floral stamps and dies. 

    Kit Components and Approx. Sizes:
    1. Cushion Grip Stylus: 4.5" x 1.5"
    2. Molding Mat: 5" x 5"
    3. 2mm tip
    4. 4mm tip
    5. 6mm tip

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