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  • 2-Needle Bold (10288) Perforating Tool

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    2-Needle Bold (10288)
    Perforating Tool


  • Eclectica Lin Brown 05

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    E Lin Brown 05

    A5 Rubber Sheet (5" x 7") presented in hanging bag, with laminated index sheet. Each image individually machine trimmed on EZ mount cling foam.


    Inspired by Hand carved stamps, this collection is fantastic for bold backgrounds, Stamping onto textiles, journalling and other mixed media creativity.

  • Quiltlines Air & water Soluble Purple Pen

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    Quiltlines Air & water Soluble Purple Pen


    Air water Soluble Pens . These purple pens produce a line that will always disappear, whether with water or just fading in the air. The pen is available in purple and has two ends, fine and bold. The fine end will disappear quite rapidly, the bold end slightly longer, all based on the amount of humidity within your workroom.

    Remember to check regularly and over mark as necessary.

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